Simon Mainwaring, Rector

Simon came to St. Andrew's in 2010. He is married to Monica, who is also an Episcopal priest, and with whom he has three children. Simon is originally from England, and was educated at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and Birmingham where he gained his PhD in biblical theology. He is also Dean of Studies and teaches on the faculty of the diocesan School for Ministry and previously has ministered in schools, hospitals, and parish churches, and is also the author of two books, a number of journal articles, and his blog God at the Beach. He loves St. Andrew's for the generous heart that it has for each and every type of person, wherever they are on their journey. 

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Alex Nagy, Priest Associate

As Priest Associate for Latino Ministries Alex brings a wealth of experience to St. Andrew's. Alex's first priestly assignment in 1969 was to a parish in San Antonio, TX, where 4,998 people out of 5,000 were Latino. Weekly, there were 15 Eucharists in Spanish and one in English. His PhD/STD dissertation, Presbyters and Chicanos: Towards Full Partnership in Liberation, was the first doctoral dissertation in Europe on Liberation Theology. Alex was also very much involved in the creation and first years of the Mexican-American Cultural Center in San Antonio. While serving as co-rector with his wife, The Rev. Nancy, from 2001-08 in Borrego Springs, CA, they introduced a Saturday afternoon Eucharist in Spanish. As Priest Associate at St. Andrew’s, Alex leads ministry among the surrounding Latino community including a bilingual worship service at 1pm on Sundays.

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Patrick Walders, Music Director

Moving to San Diego from the Washington, DC area with his wife Katie in August 2011, Patrick Walders is the Director of Choral Studies at San Diego State University where he conducts the Aztec Concert Choir, SDSU Chamber Choir, and teaches conducting and Choral Literature. His background in music education, creative programming of quality music involving many shapes and styles, and interest in Arts advocacy is a natural fit working with amateur and community musicians, as well as professionals. Patrick holds his Doctorate of Musical Arts (DMA) from the University of Maryland, College Park. Patrick enjoys working with the St. Andrew’s community and hearing everyone's voice together in worship, either from the congregation or in the musical ranks.

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Alex Howard, Family Minister

Alexandra comes to St. Andrew's with a professional background in non-profit child care management and administration. She and her husband Jeremy have a daughter, Zoe who keeps them both on their toes. They are committed to her understanding of social justice and service to others, which Zoe is learning through many outreach activities in our Diocese. At St. Andrew's, Alexandra oversees all Family Ministry programs and focuses her Sunday morning work on programs for children aged 3 to 8th grade.

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Heather Gasner, Preschool Director

Heather is the Director of St. Andrew's by the Sea Episcopal Preschool. She is happily married to her husband, Darien and has two wonderful children, Kyle and Kelsey. Heather is a San Diego native and currently lives in Santee. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development and has worked in early childhood education for the past 28 years as a Teacher, Mentor, Director and NAEYC Validator. Working together with parents and staff, Heather continually seeks new and creative ways to assure that each child fulfills his/her potential and has their needs met.

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Sharon Simmonds, Bookkeeper

Sharon moved from Missouri, where she had lived for 10 years, to California 2 years ago. Previous to that, she and her husband spent 12 years in Papua New Guinea as missionaries. Sharon began working as bookkeeper for St. Andrews in August 2014, and is appreciating the warm welcome and working with a great staff team. On the days she's not at St Andrew's, she is usually in Tijuana with her husband, where she does bookkeeping for the non-profit organization her husband works for. At St. Andrew's she is responsible for paying bills, preparing financial statements and helps her colleagues at St. Andrew's navigate the world of parish finances.

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Felicia Jin, Parish Admin Assistant

Felicia graduated from UCSD in 2014 with a degree in Cognitive Science. She currently works as a swim instructor and enjoys volunteering at various nonprofits in her free time. She is excited to use her administrative skills to support the community and operations at St. Andrew's. 

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Colleen Kennedy, Yoga Instructor

Colleen began her yoga journey in 2014 in San Diego, CA. “My passion for teaching and practicing yoga provides me the opportunity to facilitate healing for others. You don’t have to be religious or even spiritual. If you show up on your mat with an open mind the possibilities are endless!” Colleen enjoys activities such as meditation, holistic health, surfing, writing, and traveling when she isn’t on her mat. Her goal is to make yoga accessible for everyone to help them heal and connect their mind, body, and soul. 

Kazumi Duran, Tai Chi Instructor

Kazumi “Kay” Duran is Japanese, and raised in Tokyo. She is an artist, naturalist, and animal-lover. She lived and worked several years in Rome, Italy, as well as in Koror, Palau, and Guam, before came to the U.S. She obtained her black belt in Karate in Tokyo. Tai Chi is a perfect exercise for her to develop the leg muscles and to maintain a good sense of balance. She always wishes she had longer hours to exercise Tai Chi.