Selected Forum Archive

Epiphany Forum 2017

Grow Deeper

led by Simon Mainwaring

Using Rowan Williams' book, Being Christian, this forum series examines four foundational components of the Christian life in the Church:





Advent Forum 2016

The Pilgrim House

led by Simon Mainwaring

A presentation of a parish-wide vision for St. Andrew's for the 21st Century

The Pilgrim House

Fall Forum 2016

For the Bible Tells Me So

led by Simon Mainwaring

Explorations within the intersection between scripture, politics, and science.

The Science and Religion Debate

God and Politics

Lent Forum 2016

Exploring Faith

led by Simon Mainwaring

An introductory session to a series of guest speakers examining their life of faith in contemporary America

Exploring Faith

Fall Forum 2015

The Future of the Church

led by Simon Mainwaring

Reflections on the Pastoral Letter of the Future Shape of Ministry for San Diego Diocese

Future Church

Spring Forum 2015

Reimagining our Worship Space

led by Simon Mainwaring

A dialogical exploration of the final configuration of changes to St. Andrew's worship space

Reimagining our Worship Space 1

Reimagining our Worship Space 2

Reimagining our Worship Space 3

The Easter Forum 2014

Holiness in Relationships: A Study of Same-Sex Relationships

led by Simon Mainwaring

Session One: Holy Scripture

Session Two: Church History, Tradition & Theology

The Epiphany Forum 2013

A People's History of Christianity

led by Simon Mainwaring

A People's History of Christinanity, explored five major historical landmarks from the origins of Christianity to the current day:

Session One: Christian Origins

Session Two: Martyrs or Madmen?

Session Three: Light in the Darkness

Session Four: The Unusual Suspects

Session Five: Ancient Modern

The Fall Forum 2012

Paul's Letter to the 21st Century

led by Simon Mainwaring

This six-week series explored Paul's ancient theology and current trends in our world today imagining how Paul, were he alive today, might have written about our current place in time. 

Session One: Identity

Session Two: Money

Session Three: Sex

Session Four: Power

Session Five: Community

Session Six: Faith

The Spring Forum 2012

Everyday Spirituality

led by Simon Mainwaring

This seven-week forum series offered both an introduction to and an experience of spiritual practices that can easily be made a part of everyday life. The material for the sessions was based on Renee Millers's book Strength for the Journey.

Week One: Introduction

Week Two: Meditative Practices

Week Three: Ministry Practices

Week Four: Media-Based Spiritual Practices

Week Five: Mind Practices

Week Six: Body Practices

Lent Soup Suppers 2012

Family Life in America Today

led by Simon Mainwaring

This four session Lent series explores family life in America today through the lens of the Martin Sheen movie The Way, a beautiful story of loss, pilgrimage, friendship, and self-discovery. 

Session One: The Challenge of Parenthood

Session Two: Childhood and the Possibilities of Holy Play

Session Three: Family Values: Where do we get them?

Session Four: The Future of the American Family

The Winter Forum 2012

A Rough Guide to the Hebrew Bible

led by Simon Mainwaring

Ever wondered why there are two creation stories in the Bible rather one just one? What can we really know about Moses, or David, or the other parts of Ancient Israel's history? Are you curious to find out more? This eight-week forum series takes you through the Hebrew Bible's history and theology as well as what this ancient text has to say to us about today's world.

Session One: Origins and Identity

Session Two: Liberation and Law

Session Three: Conquest and Kingdom

Session Four: Exile and Judgment

Session Five: Return and the Mercy of God

Session Six: Post-Exile, God and Culture

Session Seven: Still Searching for God

The Advent Forum 2011

Jesus in 3-D

led by Simon Mainwaring

This three-week series looks at Jesus from the three perspectives of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. 

Week One: Jesus from a Jewish Perspective

Week Two: Jesus from an Islamic Perspective

Week Three: Jesus from a Christian Perspective