From Mother Mary Lynn

Dear St. Andrew's Community,


In this time of uncertainty and anxiety in our world, we are following the advice of the Episcopal Church, the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, and our local leaders in order to protect the most vulnerable in our communities.


If you or your children are feeling anxious in these uncertain times, print out one of these coloring pages and pray with crayons, markers, or colored pencils!


Coloring pages


The main update this week is that according to the direction of our bishop, we will not meet for in-person worship until Easter at the earliest.


This news fills me with grief - I'm particularly struck by the loss of our weekly gathering: the energy in our sanctuary, the children running and playing, seekers being greeted by long-time parishioners.


Just imagine what a celebration we will have when we finally gather for worship again! Start planning now what food you'll bring, what songs we will sing, what food you'll make, and what a party it will be!


We are really learning right now that the church is not the building - the church is us, the people of God, whenever we connect. So connect with St. Andrew's in some different ways this week.


We are still the church. The Spirit of God is still calling the church into new life.


Please reach out with your prayer requests, and know that God is present in this uncertain time.


Mother Mary Lynn


Notes from the Vestry

It was just a month ago that we had our annual Vestry retreat. We spent most of our day bonding with each other and building a vision for our church community. Looking back, I am so grateful for that day. It nourished our souls for tasks we face now, governing the church during these challenging days of the Coronavirus pandemic. Two weeks after our retreat, we began meeting on a weekly basis.


Last Sunday, our meeting focused on meeting payroll. Since the preschool closed, we lost income that usually funds the preschool staff and helps fund church staff and operations. We reviewed several potential sources to help us meet payroll, including benefits from recent government legislation. We concluded that at this time, we do not appear to have enough financial resources to bridge the gap between now and the time in the future when we might be reimbursed by government programs. To move forward in the short term, the Vestry unanimously approved the following:


  • Extend payroll through April 10, 2020 with the intent to push the date out again as more information comes in regarding sources and timing of financing to bridge the gap
  • Postpone starting a new health insurance stipend and revisit this decision as soon as possible
  • Adopt COVID-19 Emergency Supplemental Personnel Policies


Church staff and Vestry will continue to work on this, with the goal of keeping the church viable and the staff employed as long as possible. We will continue to meet on a weekly basis during this emergency.


-Tim Shields, Vestry Clerk