Calling Committee

The Calling Committee, comprised of members representing the diversity of St. Andrew’s, is working together to find our next permanent rector.  Over the next year, they will gather information to prepare our parish profile, select and interview candidates, and ultimately present their recommendations for rector to the Vestry. 

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Esperanza Becerril

My name is Esperanza Becerril. I came from Mexico 30 years ago to this country. I’m a nurse assistant working for Hospice of the North Coast, in Carlsbad, California--a job that I enjoy very much, as helping people in need brings me joy as I’m following my mom’s teachings. I was born and raised Catholic. One day my friend, Carmen, invited me to St. Andrews service and I learned a little more about the Episcopal tradition.  I really like St. Andrew's philosophy, "Come as you are.“ Then I met Father Alex--I was really impressed by his experience in teaching the Gospel, making a circle with our group, and inviting us to participate and discuss the reading of the day. The best of all that, it was in Spanish, so it gets to my soul as English is my second language. And so I said to myself, this is the way I like to worship and decided to stay in this church.

Ken Busby

At the request of the Vestry of St. Andrew's, I am honored to be part of the process to search for a new rector for St. Andrew's. My participation at St. Andrew's goes back to the early 70's as my wife and I joined the parish and began our long relationship with the parish family. I have been on the vestry many times and served as senior warden and junior warden at various times. I have enjoyed my participation in maintaining the church facilities and the rectory and on the Hospitality teams, Finance Committee, Counter, Usher, check signer, and several audit committees.

I look forward to the search process with God's blessings.

Anne Cass

I have been a member of St. Andrew’s by the Sea since 2007. My husband Robert and I have two children – Bridget (14) and Riley (12). I grew up as a Unitarian and was confirmed in the Episcopal Church in 2007. I served on the last calling committee for St. Andrew’s and then later served on the vestry as the junior warden. For the past 3 years I have been on the board of directors for Vida Joven de México, a ministry of our diocese. I work full time as a Technical Assistance Unit Manager for the State of California’s Tuberculosis Control Branch. In this position I provide consultation and technical assistance to TB Control programs throughout Southern California. I also lead statewide collaborative State/Local strategic planning efforts. I am looking forward to assisting with this process!

Kristen Churchill, Chair

I am a San Diego native, a twenty-year Mission Beach Resident, and proud mother of Julian and Isabel.  Professionally, I have worked as a lawyer and as a teacher.  I have been active in the Pacific Beach/Mission Beach community with, among other things, the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) at Crown Point Jr. Music Academy and the Mission Bay Cluster of Schools Committee.  

For the last six years I have shared my love of science and nature with children as a volunteer Docent at the San Diego Natural History Museum.  In my spare time, I enjoy swimming, yoga, reading, traveling, and being outdoors.  

St. Andrews-by-the-Sea has been my spiritual home since 2003.  Since joining the parish I have served as a member of the vestry, the St. Andrew's Preschool Advisory Council, and was a member of the last calling committee.  I care deeply about the community of St. Andrews and about the future of this parish.


I look forward to being a part of writing St. Andrew's-by-the-Sea's next chapter.

Todd Edwards

My wife, 3 kids (17, 15, 13), and I have been parishioners at St. Andrews since 2012.  I was baptized in the Episcopal Church and confirmed in 1991.  I'm currently a tenured Professor of Marital and Family Therapy at the University of San Diego and have a private practice in Mission Hills.

Quinn Edwards

My name is Quinn Edwards and I am 13 years old. I am an 8th grader at High Tech Middle Media Arts in Point Loma. My family started attending St. Andrew’s when I was 8 years old. I have been an acolyte and helped with hospitality. I have also been part of the youth group for almost 3 years. I'm a tennis player, I like to dance, I love music, I love makeup, and hanging with my friends.

Jordyn Jones

My name is Jordyn, I am 12 years old and I go to Pacific Beach Middle. My relationship with St. Andrews began when I was three years old and started attending St. Andrews by the Sea preschool.I started attending church in 2011 with my father, Gregory, mother, Sara and younger sister Alison. I am a girl scout and I like to read, play volleyball, lacrosse, swim, piano, hang out with friends and do crafts.

Tim Shields, Chaplain

Tim was born in San Diego and was baptized and confirmed into the Episcopal Church at St. James by-the-Sea in La Jolla. In his youth, he was active in the church as an acolyte and a member of a vibrant youth group. Tim attended the University of California at Santa Cruz and graduated with a degree in Earth Sciences. He returned to San Diego and St. James, where he attended Cursillo and co-taught Sunday School for a semester. He was part of a music team for an intimate Sunday evening chapel service, playing the Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer. 


About 15 years ago, Tim was drawn to St. Andrew's with the sense that this parish had tremendous potential to grow and make a positive change in the lives of the people who live in the area, particularly young adults. Tim has been actively involved in the music program, has been trained and licensed as a worship leader, and is head cook for one of the Helping Hands Dinner teams. He has served on two previous rector calling committees, served as the Rector's Warden for two previous Rectors, and has represented St. Andrews at five Diocesan Conventions.

Susan Uebersetzig

I reside in El Cajon, am married to Dan and we have three (3) kids (Jordan; 29, Danny; 25, Aimee; 17). I have been a member of St. Andrew's since January 1999 and Dan and I were married in this church in May of the same year.  I served as member of the Vestry and as Clerk prior to and during part of The Rev. Rhonda McIntire's time as our rector, and served on Vestry when Fr. Leland was our Interim Rector.  I've also served as annual diocesan convention delegate.  My other laity roles have included Chalice Bearer, Lector, Usher, Altar Guild member, Godly Play door person and Co-leader of Welcome Team Three.

I was previously a member of Helping Hands Hunger Supper Team Four.

Professionally I am work full time for Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) as an Engineer Technician.  I am retired from the United States Navy (Reserve), with 20 years of service.

Jennifer Wanis

A member of the Vestry, Jennifer has been part of St. Andrews for 18 years. She was married here in 2000. She has seen many different phases of life here. In 2003, her son was baptized here and then he attended preschool here. She is very excited to be a part of the calling committee and hopes for the future of things to come.

Alex Wu

Alex Wu grew up in Atlanta, Georgia with two sisters and three brothers. A large family then for my parents, and even larger now with in-laws, nieces, and nephews. During college, Alex couldn't decide between Computer Information Systems or Finance for his degree, so he graduated with a double major. Afterwards, he worked for a technology startup and within a few years, the company went out of business. The timing seemed perfect, as he was itching to start a new life, in a new place. He moved to San Diego in 2002 and has since made it his home. 

He enjoys the desert for its scenic mountains and slower pace of life, and have made numerous trips to both Borrego and Palm Springs. He feels fortunate to be working in technology, a strong passion of his. He participates in hackathons and tinkers with all sorts of gadgetry. He enjoys reading on a variety of subjects--from the robot series by Isaac Asimov to articles from the Economist--and enjoys traveling,especially to Hawaii where he married his husband, Chris. 

After a long pause from church, he is continuing his spiritual journey at Saint Andrew's and volunteers with one of our community outreach ministries, the Helping Hands Supper.