sunday services

every sunday 10:30am

Services take place in person and livestreamed to our Facebook page. 

We hope you'll join us on Sundays in person or on Facebook at 10:30 am. Come as you are. 



what to expect

come as you are

St. Andrew's is a casual, comfortable place. We welcome children, dogs, pets to come as they are. Our 10:30 am service is about one hour long. Everything you need, including scripture readings, is in our service leaflet, which the ushers will give you as you arrive. People dress casually for most services. Just be yourself. You will fit in! Sit wherever you are comfortable. Parking is usually available on the street. We also have a few spots in the alley behind the church, off of Dawes Street.

Children are welcome and active participants in all St. Andrew's liturgies. Children can join parents in the service, color at the Prayground or attend Sunday School. Sunday school begins at 10:30 am in the hall above the preschool, and the children return to their parents/caretakers in the sanctuary before communion. Children are welcome to receive communion. 

We are a liturgical church. “Liturgy” means “the work of the people.” Our work in worship has three parts:

The Word of God: Four readings from Scripture (Hebrew scriptures, Psalm, Christian scriptures, and Gospel) and a short sermon, 8–15 minutes. Following the sermon, we recite a creed and say a prayer of confession and receive pardon for our sins.

The Prayers of the People: We pray for the concerns of each other, our community and the world. After the prayers, we greet each other in God’s name. This is called passing the peace. Just turn to your neighbor and say something like “The peace of God be with you” or simply, “Peace.” After announcements a collection is taken, while the choir sings an anthem. You are free to contribute or not as you wish.

The Holy Communion: Holy Communion is the high point of the Episcopal service. It is also called the Eucharist or Great Thanksgiving. You are welcome to come forward to receive communion, which consists of bread and wine. Just hold out your hands for the bread or bread dipped (intincted) in wine. Or if you don’t wish to receive, cross your hands on your chest to receive a blessing from the priest. You can also remain in your seat during this part of the service. Do what is comfortable for you.

Services end with the dismissal at which point we are sent on our way in peace to love and serve God in our lives.

Afterwards, join us for coffee hour so we can get to know you.

sermons by the sea

listen to past sermons on our podcast

If you missed last week's sermon, you can always check it out on our podcast: Sermons by the Sea. The Rev. Mary Lynn Coulson, rector, and the Rev. Daniel McMillan, deacon, preach regularly. We have a guest preacher about once a quarter as well. We hope you find these sermons relevant, inspirational and challenging in all the right ways.