Raise the roof

Dear St. Andrew’s Community,

We have some exciting news to share - and you can be part of it! St. Andrew’s has been planning to go solar for many years, and now we’re making it happen. We need your help to fund repairs on the sanctuary roof, so that the solar panels can be installed this summer. 

We have worked with RE-volv, an organization that helps non-profits go solar, and the city has approved the installation plans for a 21.6 kilowatt system. In this process, we’ve discovered that the sanctuary roof is deteriorating and needs to be replaced. We have been carefully saving funds over the past six years in our Building Improvement Fund, setting aside money for large facilities projects like this one. We’ve saved $55,000 in this fund so far, which will cover more than half of the roofing project. The total estimate for the project is $90,000 - so we’re asking you, our St. Andrew’s community, to help us raise the remaining $35,000.

Our beautiful buildings are a great gift that past generations of St. Andrew’s folks have given us. Our sanctuary holds our joyful worshiping community every week, as our prayers and songs echo in the resonant, historic space. It is a special place that connects us to our past, inspires us with beauty, and provides a safe space to be spiritually nurtured. Now we have the opportunity to complete a building improvement project that has been needed for many years, as well as install a solar system that will help us be further aligned with our values: we will become a church powered by clean energy, helping ensure our parish will thrive for many decades to come while remaining committed to the wellness of our neighborhood and environment.

Can you help us achieve our goal of raising $35,000 by July 31st? Give online today by clicking the link below, and selecting “Building Improvement Fund” in the dropdown menu.

With gratitude,

Mother Mary Lynn and the St. Andrew’s Vestry